How the Spells are cast

The casting of Spells is an extremely complicated process, which requires a lot of energy and strength from both the parties involved:

  1. The one casting the spell
  2. The one who the spell is being cast on

Spiritualist Mady has more than a decade’s worth of experience in casting spells, and he makes the entire process extremely easy for you. He shall ensure that you are comfortable around him, and your nerves aren’t troubling you.

However, there are a couple of things you need to do as well to ensure that the spells are appropriately cast:

  1. Do not be scared – You need to relax your mind for the spell to work. Professor will try his best to make this easier for you, and you have to follow his lead. If you feel anxious before you go to Professor, please try some amount of yoga or meditation to relieve your mind of all the anxiety.
  2. Invest yourself in the process – There is no space for distractions. Your complete concentration should be on what is being said by the caster. This should continue for the entire time for which the spell is being cast. If you get distracted in between, this might weaken the spell.
  3. Never disturb the caster – When the Professor casts a spell, he includes his entire being in the process. This involves a lot of effort on his part, and if he gets disturbed in between, it shall all go to waste. He will have to start over again from scratch.
  4. Truly believe in what is being said – Say everything with integrity. Remember, words have power.


Before casting a spell, the Professor will need detailed information about you in order to perform an accurate reading. This information helps in projecting the spell and will also lead to an increase in its effectiveness. It’ll enable him to gain an in-depth understanding of the situation, and prepare himself better for the process.

Your name, surname, date of birth and photos will be required. If you are casting a spell involving more than one person (love spell for example) then both your details and the other individuals details will be needed.

All the information provided will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anybody apart from the two parties involved. So, please be honest when giving Professor insights. Any false information, can affect the quality of the spell, and be detrimental to you. 


The first required payment is a small reading fee that will allow me to read the situation in depth. After the consultation then I will tell you exactly what is needed and how best to solve your issue.

The next payment will depend on the gravity of the situation. Please note that I will require full payment upfront 



I can never take on a job that is not sure to be completed. You do not have to stress in any manner about the results if i have taken on the job. You are guaranteed 100 percent.


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The spell is always cast in his altar, where the Professor feels focused, grounded, and in touch with the spirits around. Sometimes, in order to keep his focus professor believes in casting a circle of protection around him.

When casting the spell, he takes into consideration the phase which the moon is currently in, how the planets are aligning with each other, as well as the information provided by you.

He then invokes all the spiritual aid that helps him cast the spell. In this way, he is also seeking help from his higher self. He goes on to define his intention behind casting the spell to the spirits.

After this, he has to chant the mantra of the spell. Each spell will have a different type of chant or mantra that needs to be spoken by the caster. After he finishes chanting the mantra, he thanks the universe and spirits for listening to him and completes the casting process.

Even experiencing this is a transformative experience, which you truly need to see to believe.

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Results vary per individual case. The actions that are taken and the beliefs held by individuals play a huge role in the success of the spell

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